Always #ddr with my worn up #converse 😂 i badly need new kicks.

Alot of Trial and error fixing the rendering problem -.- so stress, my eyes need some rest, but cannot. Im almost there, almost solve the problem. Gotto finish this video editing a soon as possible.

#DOMs start to attack from yesterday #workout 😂 #protape my #shoulder and #bicep cause it’s important for me to do work. Busy week for me~

A quick #workout just to relieve stress. (at Excelean Fitness Gym)

#sabo finally show his face! #onepiece

I want this 😂 a #MetalGearSolid’s #iDroid #iphonecase

Baby nayla playing with her #audi hehehe

Its her birthday,
her one year old birthday 😘 (at Kg Serambangun Tutong)

22 people in my instagram posted the #rainbowcircle.

The day people pay attention more to the sun and the #sun become famous. Lol (at Brunei Darussalam)

Came to the rusty ol’ college 😐 feel down i couldn’t manage to complete the editing 😑 (at Mtssr College)

Hoodie with horn~

A very long que just to renew driving license. 😔

The journey is about burn and build.
I remember i used to be fat.

The “fresh” face after #workout. Lol

Just dropped by to #exceleanfitnessgym before going home from work, do a quick 1 hour #workouts on #chest #bicep and #legs. Been awhile havent been to the #gym, so its time to wake up those #muscle!

Use #protape on my right leg for an extra support since my legs are a bit sore from work. (at Excelean Fitness Gym)

Breakfast on the go, otw to work~