Sometime strength can be build within the the darkness inside of the heart.

Done an art request by @fasilaht

Introduce our VPro laptop model 😍 i realy love the outcome of what my group can make ☺️

Poster done.
3D model done.
Slides done.
Presantation done.

My awesome CSA team

I know how hurt it is…


Imagine in a deck of card.

If you Pick Ace of Hearts, resemble of the truth and you hide within the other 51cards. Then you shuffle the 52cards and you draw one out, if the card is not the Ace of Hearts it resemble as an excuse or lie to cover up the truth. Then you put the card back into the deck and shuffle it again and draw one out. If its not an Ace of Hearts drawn out, put the card back into the deck, shuffle it again and draw one out again.

Its sounds impossible to get to the truth, its seem so hard. But again it is possible to get the Ace of Hearts no matter how you hide within the deck.

The point is; no matter how many lies you can make but one day the truth will be out.

Hahaha πŸ˜… i guess i can’t skip any class like forever~ 100% attendance for 4 semester.

#stateofdecay; cool game concept, once the character you played died he/she will die with no respawn and can switch between character to character with different perks in ur comunity . It’s not about the character you play it’s about the comunity you build up and survive the zombie apocolypse.

My first game i play a trial and error sort of thing and the first and character in the storyline died on zombie attack and from that i knew they died πŸ˜‘

So this a second game, so far so good no survivors died on my watch 😏 and the first and second character still alived.

Oh the game is an autosave kinda game so you can’t save as u please and can’t reload things so if you regret killing the character u love to pkay u’llbe regreting for making a bad choice and a bad move lol

Red Team 1; forced to take selfie at every pitstop. πŸ˜“

#politeknikbrunei; the Red team earn the Silver and Bronze medal for today, The Run II event ☺️ didn’t expect my team got the third place, but Alhamdulillah we earn the bronze medal 😊 GG red team!

Earn my first #bronze medal in #politeknikbrunei 😊

PI 2K words report done. Few more task left πŸ˜ͺ

Playin #stateofdecay 😊

Meet the lego engineer. Hahaha sikit g buat helicopter 😏

The EV visit, an entrepreneur workshop. The #CDME01 with the entrepreneur speaker and our entrepreneur lecturer.