Home sweet home :3

P.s: Dont be mad

Home sweet home :3

P.s: Dont be mad

Helping out with their project from 2pm-8pm πŸ˜ͺ so tired, urg belakang inda beranti kelahi, sakit ish kepala me driving hahaha lol

So Good~

Peanut butter helps to reduced risk of heart attack and isulin resistance. Good source of protein and weight maintenance.


morning research, gonna be a busy day today πŸ˜ͺ


Here i am doing some research on my work, when suddenly doing some random research πŸ˜‚

Found out there some meaning in eye colour.

For brown eye: The brown eye color is much common and people who have that are considered as attractive, confident and adorable. They are independent people who love to make new friends, are polite and caring. They can cheer people up and make them laugh. They have affectionate nature and care very much about their family. Also an important feature of brown eyed people is that they are self confident and very determined, persevering people. They are nature lovers, spiritual and can be very strong headed at times.

But then again it is more about the genetics you inherit. Personalities of individual to individual are different and it is certainly not about eye colors only.

P.s: contact lens colour are not consider as a real eye colourπŸ˜‚

An active lifestyle rewards your mind and body. Formulated to quickly quench your thirst, 100PLUS replenishes the fluids, electrolytes and energy* that you lose. Rehydrate, Re-energisr and Refresh to keep your thirst for life going.
*4 serves will provide a minimum of 300kcel per day.

If u ask “what am i reading?”
You just read what’s written on this #100plus can. 😊

Toyota brand~

Morning lazy sketch~

GG, i’m taking the lead. 😚~🎡

Brain just stop doing work and switch into game mode. Lol.

Good night! 😁😁


Put down the pen and shut diwn the laptop for a moment πŸ˜ͺ

Game night inda ingat duniaπŸ˜ͺ