Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri to all.

Mohon maaf atas segala salah silap dari segi perkataan atau perbuatan yang disengajakan atau tidak sengaja.

Tane inda tau pekara kecil buleh menyingung perasaan macam tane julur👅 urg atu main2 lapas atu tane inda tau manatau urg yang tane julur atu ambil hati, sudah pun urg atu ambil hati tane lari2 julur2 g urg atu. atau lain example urg atu kan bagi Hi5👋 arah tane tapi tane bagi peace✌️Kira macam keratas lawan gunting, gunting manang, sudah pun kalah kan urg atu tane ketawakan g main2 ucap urg atu “loser” tane inda tau maybe urg yang tane kalahkan atu ambil hati. Tapi apa buleh buat gunting tetap manang lawan keratas. Lol.

What i’m saying is that peribunan tane sama urg lain ada sometimes inda connected, beibun jadi kelahi tah pulang. But ada jua yang luan auto-connected makin menjadi-jadi peribunan lol

So once again mohon maaf zahir dan batin.

Minta maaf now ☺️ nanti buat lagi😜 eteeen, just kidding.

Drive safe and enjoy your Raya.

You feel fine, and then, when your body can’t keep fighting, you don’t.

Silence is a source of Great Strength.

Sometimes we dream big and make promise. But those dreams we dreamt and those promises we made can bring us down when we fail to keep it. We don’t blame others but we can only blame ourself for not trying our best to keep it.

I’m done, i give up and i don’t care anymore. No matter how hard it is to mute my feeling i have to keep in mind that life must go on no matter how hard it is.

If you moved on so fast is that mean I’m already being forgotten?

Tick tock tick tock;

Life is like a huge clock;
Some times move fast,
Some times flow normaly,
Some times seem slow, and
Some times just stop.

We are just spare part of a person’s life, either we stay until the end of the person’s life or we get replace by a new parts.

Sometimes, when we become part of their life, times flows smooth and sometime even fast. How long will it stay smooth? That depends on how strong the bond is.

But if we are the broken parts in their life; we either tried our best to fix it and if we fail we become the deadweight. Sooner or later we get thrown away or replace by a new one.

When we get thrown away or replace, do they still care for you? Will you stay in their memory? How long will you be remembered until they forget that you ever exist?

When we are thrown away; we don’t have any more purpose to be with them, we do get hurt and times feels so slow.

Even if our’s clock is broken and our time slow down, but we are still lucky because our time doesn’t stop yet. Live our life, when our clock still ticking, appreciate what we have and had.

#streetfighter; #ryu and #ken part 2

Found this on 9gag lol, #streetfighter; #ryu and #ken part 1

Ice breaking with the classmate, the task was to give motivation to each other as a team, this is what they wrote on my back. I laugh so hard on “sexyback” and ask myself how is that motivating? 😅 its random but its cool hahaha

Watching #DoctorWho. #TARDIS

Play guitar to the ceiling, when you have those feeling and you can’t do anything about it.

When you can’t do anything about what you feel. Can’t do or say anything about all u can do is just wenk wenk.

Yeah honestly IMY, nuff said.

A word of advice

Ordered this from @burgersandbeyond yesterday, ate it for snack time lastnight, love the mustard jalapeno burger (left bottom)