I can’t fix myself, but i can fix other’s.

I can only smile, not because i’m strong but because i’m weak.

#hyperlapse; during the photography club. (at Kampong Ayer, Brunei Darussalama)

#hyperlapse #watchdogs; stress spamming ends here😪 goodnight!

#hyperlapse #watchdogs; cubaaaa~ belarian macam anak ayam inda betantu main. Inda GG eh. Mati tia😪

#watchdogs #hyperlapse: part 2

#hyperlapse: play #watchdogs. Just to kill time😔 i can’t think straight atm, everything in my head is a mess.

It finally arrived;

But it was supposed to be for… 😔 hmmm…

I just lost my mood for today. I dunno what to feel or what to think.

We are not talented to begin with, but we can learn something new and train ourself to be talented.

#latepost lastnight #hyperlapse:

Clear and clean up my laptop’s (C:) drive, (G:) drive and external harddisk. And got distracted by spongebob for a moment lol

#latepost lastnight #hyperlapse : when my laptop is down, and i got nothing to do while you restore it 😪 a #starwars theme

Finally cover all, hopefully all of it? 😪

#touché, topic probability!

When you learn the topic and yknow you have the probability to get it right or wrong.

It feel like 5 lecture comprassed into zip file and put it inside the brain.

An error keep pop-ing around But you keep on compress it till it works.

#hyperlapse; sum up my mode tonight for doing revision #lol